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Table Games To Keep Guests Engaged At Any Event!

Whether you're hosting a dinner party, a wedding, a birthday bash, or a fundraiser, chances are, not everyone knows everyone else! You can set-up some games, but just know, that not everyone will want to play corn hole with a complete stranger.

So how do you get your guests to interact without putting them in an uncomfortable situation?

the solution...

Table Games!

Table Games give your guests the opportunity to interact with others, without forcing them into uncomfortable small-talk! Today, we're sharing some of our favorite Table Games for you and your guests!


Who doesn't love a round of BINGO?!

You can play BINGO the old-fashioned way, with letters & numbers...

Or, you can play the Guest Version of BINGO. Fill each card with fun facts about some of your guests. Each guest then has to mingle with others to find who the fact applies to and get their signature on that square. Once you have 5 in a row, you can call "BINGO!"


Trivia is always fun!.... but THEMED Trivia going along with your event theme is even better!

Throwing a 50th birthday bash? See who knows the most about the birthday guy or girl! Hosting a dinner party with neighbors? Write some trivia questions about your state, city, or neighborhood!

Trivia is always fun even if it isn't "structured" (timed responses, teams, winners, losers, etc.). You can scatter the tables with trivia for guests to complete just for fun!

Mad Libs!

They may be old-school... but they're still pretty hilarious! You can find a mad lib for just about any occasion! Look to Etsy for some downloadable mad lib templates & let the laughs roll in!

Check Your Phone!

If there is one thing you can be sure of.... it's that every guest will have their phone on them.

Playing 'Check Your Phone' is a good way for guests to pass the time while they're in between courses or waiting for cocktail hour to come to a close before the reception begins.

At the end of the event, the person with the most points can redeem their card for a prize!

Word Search, Word Scramble, or Crossword

Who doesn't love a good word game? And of course, we love a good theme! Theme the word games to your event.

Hosting a fundraiser? Include words that are meaningful to the cause. Throwing a baby shower? Include all the baby names that weren't chosen! Want to add fun to function? Have your crossword printed on your cocktail napkins!

Word games will never go out of style.... that's part of why we love them so much!

Guest Photo Scavenger Hunt

Whether you let guests play individually, paired up, or in teams, a photo scavenger hunt encourages guests to interact with one another and will inevitably end in lots of laughter!

You can find hundreds of photo scavenger hunts to go with your theme! From birthdays to bachelorette parties to work meetings and more.... check out Etsy for options!

Mini "I Spy" for Kids

Don't forget the kiddos! If you have kids coming to your event, kids table games are essential for keeping their attention and providing interactive fun! From a Mini "I Spy" where they can check off each thing as they spot it, to Emoji Pictionary of Children's Books, the options are endless!

We hope we have inspired you with some of our favorite table games!

Share some of your favorites in the comments below!




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