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2024's Top Wedding and Event Trends That We Are LOVING! (Part 2)

Every year, event trends come & go....

Here are a few of the Wedding and Event Trends of 2024, that we are absolutely LOVING!

(Part 2)... We can't help ourselves... we love them all!

Weekend-long Celebrations & Mid-day Ceremonies

Celebrating your big day by having a weekend-long celebration, not only extends the festivities, but it allows for more quality time

Wedding Weekend Itinerary Invitation

A Weekend-long celebration gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with those you love most, during the most important and celebrated event of your life!

Use this time to unplug, plan a girls-only activity, a guys-only activity, and of course, plenty of time for fun and games. Perhaps a game of croquet! A beach day for the ladies! Or a Fishing trip for the men!

Take advantage of every moment, and focus on creating memories for you and every one of your guests.

Wedding Weekend Sight Seeing

Mid-day ceremonies are ideal when having a weekend-long bash!

A mid-morning ceremony allows you and your guests to have a break in the day's activities. Perhaps a wardrobe change into that fabulous reception dress that you can't wait to wear, some down time to spend 1:1 with your new spouse, or even some time to allow your guests to go sight-seeing!

When the time comes for your fabulous reception that evening, you will be rested and ready to party long into the night!

Meadow-mimicking Florals

What says Whimsical Romance more than a blossoming meadow full of wild-flowers?

We can't think of anything! The look of a natural meadow incorporated into your wedding design, is a trend that we are LOVING!

meadow flowers decorating a wedding aisle

meadow flowers decorating a wedding seating chart

Meadow mimicking florals can be used in almost any aspect of an event!

...entrances, aisles, receptions, even as a substitute for an arbor! But of course, our favorite way to use them at 30A Tablescape and Design Co., is in a tablescape!

flower meadow on a wedding tablescape with beautiful china and stemmed glassware

Live Interactive Entertainment

While live music is a wedding and event staple that will never go out of style, Now more than ever, guests appreciate that little extra bit of live entertainment!

magician doing card tricks at a wedding

Want to take your special event from great to SPECTACULAR? Hire live, interactive entertainment for your guests to enjoy all night long!

The options are endless.... Magicians, Live Painters, Glitter Face Paint Station, Caricature Artists, 360 Photo Booths, Arcade Games, and more!

makeup artist glittering a guest at a wedding glitter bar
wedding caricature art live wedding painter


When beginning to plan your wedding, the guest list can grow quickly, and sometimes you end up with 50% or more guests that you are inviting out of obligation. Do you want to spend the most important day of your life with people that you haven’t seen in years?  Do you want to share this moment with family members whose names you can’t even remember? Probably not.

micro wedding party having a sit down dinner at the reception

Remember... this is YOUR day. Embrace all that has to offer!

Introducing.... the Micro-Wedding!

The rule of the Micro-Wedding does not mean that you skimp on the details or the quality. It simply means, that you invite less guests so that you can fully celebrate with those closest to you.

Pros & Cons, you ask?

We're seeing nothing but pros!

  • Lower Overall Cost

  • Flexibility to choose a more adventurous venue

  • Quality Time With Your Guests

  • Weekend-long Celebrations

  • Personalized Details

  • Relaxed Vibe

Ultra-Personalized Details

Here at 30A Tablescape and Design Co., we absolutely adore creating personalized favors for your guests! Guest gifts are getting more and more personal, and we're here for it!

sugar cookie mix wedding favors

What better opportunity to share that famous family cookie recipe with your loved ones?

Or how about personalized luggage tags for the jet-setting couple?

personalized luggage tags for wedding favors
caricature drawings of wedding guests

Want to surprise and delight your guests? Have caricatures drawn of each of person!

The theme of 2024? :

Make it personal.

Make it useful.

Make it memorable!


We hope you've enjoyed Part 2 of our favorite 2024 Wedding and Event Trends! Stay tuned for more!




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